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This is a short (like, really short, like, 2 minutes to complete short) walking-simulator type game thing originally made as a mini-project for a course at Aalborg University Copenhagen. It tells the story of how John Capes was the only survivor of sunken British HMS Perseus submarine during World War 1. Controls are WASD to move, mouse to look around, left mouse button to interact, right mouse button to examine.

Gameplay walkthrough (don't watch if you're actually going to play it):


The Deep Escape.rar 330 MB


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Nice recreation of this WW story, I really enjoyed it! Nice Job!

So I know there isn't a whole lot to this game but I still enjoyed it. The information and story behind the game is interesting to me. The graphics are decent, and the sound design is good. I like the story and the fact that the developer likes the history of the HMS Perseus enough that he created a short game depicting the events that took place. I would love to see more games from the developer, maybe even on different events from history. I'm a big World War 1&2 nerd so I enjoyed this game and look forward to the developers next. I did a quick video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

GOTA GET OUT OF HERE! | The Deep Escape